Filter cartridges

We offer high quality filter cartridges.

Cartridge filter housings

The cartridge filter housing can be made to any standards. Depending on the preferences and needs of the customer and the type of filtered substance, we offer the possibility of making a filter from various types of materials and in various configurations.

Bag filter housings

The bag filter is placed in a special housing adapted for quick opening. This facilitates the replacement of the used cartridge. The Pro-mill company offer includes both bag filters and housings of any configuration.

Filter systems

Each filter unit is designed individually by our engineers, who adapt the device to the specifics of a given process.

Special filters

Our offer includes high quality filters with a very wide range of applications.

Breathing valves,
chemical resistant pumps

Specialists in industrial fluid and gas filtration

We guarantee:

  • professional technical support in the filtration and phase separation process
  • laboratory tests and pilot devices
  • selection of specialized filters and equipment
  • short delivery times
  • personal approach to the customer
  • installation, service
  • commissioning and training in the use of our equipment

We invite you to cooperation
Pro-mill team


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