Multibag filters are used to separate suspensions in many industries. They can also be used for viscous liquids such as edible and industrial oils, as well as for cleaning paints, resins and varnishes.

Multibag filter allows the filtration of suspensions with very high efficiency. As the filter bags in a multibag filter housing wear out much slower than single bag filters, the multibag filter can be used for very polluted liquids.

The filtration process in multibag filters is based on the feed of the filtered medium into the filter bags and the flow of liquid from inside the bag to outside. This keeps the contamination inside and the filter bags can be changed quickly and easily. The number of bags in one housing can be up to several dozen, which extends the life of each filter cartridge separately and saves space.

Various types of filter bags are available. Bags made of felt (polypropylene) are usually single-use, while mesh (nylon) bags can be regenerated by washing. Felt bags also allow for the removal of gel type dirt, thanks to the depth filtration mechanism.Felt bag filters allow efficiency in the range of 1 – 100 μm, while mesh bags have an accuracy of 1 – 1200 μm, so they are most often used for coarse filtration.

If the bags do not provide sufficient quality – filtration accuracy – when we want to increase the quality of filtration without changing the filter casing – special pleated, absolute cartridge – type Marksman are the solution. They can be used interchangeably for filter bags in size 1 and 2.

Multibag filter housings
Multibag filter housings
Material of housing:
  • AISI 304,
  • AISI 316,
  • polipropylen
Surface finish:
  • Satin;
  • polished;
  • electropolished
Type of connections:
  • Flange;
  • milk screwing;
  • tri-clamp;
  • no-fitting;
  • other
Connections standard:

DIN; ISO; SMS; other

Filtration accuracy:

From 0,5 um

Multibag filters allow for the filtration of a larger process medium stream than a single filter housing. They can also be used for more polluted liquids due to the increased filter area. Most often, they are housings made in industrial standard, adapted to work in large production plants.