Both the basket filter and the Strainer type angle filter are used in industrial installations to protect further process steps from unwanted contamination. They are used to filter solid fractions from a stream of liquids and gases. Often such filters are installed in pipelines to protect pumps, control and measurement equipment, valves and regulators. Basket and angle filters can be equipped with a fine steel filter mesh, so they are able to mechanically retain particles of solids (e.g. sand, gravel, particles from pipe corrosion).

The use of a heating jacket in this type of filters allows the filtration of liquids for which viscosity increases with decreasing temperature. In case of filtration of fatty products, it is often necessary to maintain an elevated temperature in order to properly transport the raw material. Both angle filters (strainers) and basket filters with heating jackets meet these requirements. They enable the filtration process to be carried out without loss of medium heat.

Strainer - basket filter
Strainer - basket filter
Material of housing:
  • AISI 304,
  • AISI 316
Surface finish:
  • Satin;
  • polished;
  • electropolished
Type of connections:
  • Flange;
  • milk screwing;
  • tri-clamp;
  • no-fitting;
  • other
Connections standard:


Heating jacket:
  • Electric;
  • hot liquid;
  • steam;
  • none

Angle and basket filters (strainers) are used in industrial installations for coarse filtration, i.e. as a protection of further process steps, pumps or control and measurement equipment against contamination. The use of a heating jacket allows for filtration of very viscous liquids.