We design and build multistage filtration systems properly selected for the needs of our customers’ processes. Our multistage filtration systems can be made in a budget version – for manual operation and in a fully automated version with a control cabinet, with automatic valves, differential pressure measurement system in a duplex version – allowing for continuous 24H operation. Our devices are manufactured in standards from industrial to pharmaceutical with all certificates required by the customer (also ATEX versions).

Multistage filters allow for in-line filtration with different accuracy depending on the separation of the filter element. One system can be constructed from different types of filter housings, which gives great possibilities not only in terms of filtration level but also in terms of the type of filter elements used. In one line we can install a bag housing for coarse filtration and several cartridge filter housings in which we will place different types of filter elements (standard particle filter elements, with active carbon for retaining organic matter, special ones for retaining gel impurities, membrane sterilizers and others according to customer requirements).

Our multistage filtration systems can be equipped with:

  • double filtration line to ensure continuity of the 24H filtration process (automatic or manual switching)
  • Heat exchangers/heating jackets (cooling or heating liquids)
  • pasteurizer
  • automatic CIP washing system
Multi-stage filtration systems
Multi-stage filtration systems
Material of housing:
  • AISI 304;
  • AISI 316;
  • other
Surface finish:
  • Satin;
  • polished;
  • electropolished
Type of connections:
  • no-fitting
  • flange
  • milk screwing
  • Tri-clamp
  • other
Connections standard:

DIN; ISO; SMS; other

Heating jacket
  • Electric
  • Hot liquid
  • Steam
  • iltration of liquids
  • milk filtration
  • filtration of wine or gelatine
  • removal of dirt particles from 0.01 microns
  • brine filtration in the cheese industry
  • Spirits filtration (ATEX)
  • beverage filtration
  • juice filtration
  • water filtration
  • UV and other paint filtration
  • filtration of very viscous liquids
  • microbiological filtration (e.g. before bottling in the beverage industry)
  • other