During the operation of various types of hydraulic circuits, magnetic impurities can get into the liquid from iron corrosion products, from steel elements of the hydraulic system or lubrication system. Even a small amount of metallic impurities may be negative for the installation’s operation, as they are centers of electrochemical corrosion, generating new amounts of iron compounds into the circuit. In such cases it is necessary to apply an appropriate technological solution, which is a magnetic filter.

The magnetic filters offered by Pro-mill are always specially designed to meet the specific requirements of your process. The main role in choosing the geometry of the magnetic filter is played by the stream and type of liquid used, chemical aggressiveness, the size and type of connections and the amount of anticipated contamination. The magnetic filter is commonly used in the food, cosmetic and many other industries, practically everywhere where it is used as a safety filter.

Magnetic filters
Magnetic filters
Magnetic force:

8 000 GS – 12 000 GS

Working temperature:

80 ℃ – 350 ℃

Material of housing:
  • AISI 304;
  • AISI 316L;
Heating jacket:
  • Electric;
  • hot liquid;
  • steam;
  • none
Surface finish:
  • Satin;
  • polished;
  • electropolished
Max pressure:
  • 6 bar;
  • 10 bar;
  • 16 bar;
Type of connections:
  • Thread;
  • flange;
  • milk screwing;
  • tri-clamp;
  • camlock;
  • no-fitting;
  • other

Liquid magnetic filters can operate on systems with very high viscosity. They are used to remove metallic particles. The magnetic filter ensures material purity by removing small particles, providing magnetic protection for liquid lines and processing equipment.

PMM magnetic filters can be equipped with a heating jacket:

  • water,
  • oily,
  • steam
  • or electric.

Pro-mill’s magnetic filters not only effectively increase plant productivity, but also reduce operating and maintenance costs.