Bag filter housings are widely used in industry. Mechanical impurities are retained on the filter bag so that the cleaned process stream can be used for further production steps. However, in many industrial plants, in addition to the usual impurities, metallic impurities, e.g. metal filings from the production hall, also enter the process stream. The answer to this problem is a bag filter housing with a magnetic insert.

Thanks to the use of both the filter bag and the magnetic lance, different types of contamination are caught from the process stream, which in effect provides complex cleaning of the medium. Replacement of dirty filter bags and magnetic lance is simple and quick, so the bag filter housing with magnetic insert ensures economical and effective filtration.

Bag filter housing with magnetic insert
Bag filter housing with magnetic insert
Material of housing:
  • AISI 304,
  • AISI 316,
  • polypropylene
Surface finish:
  • Satin;
  • polished;
  • electropolished
Type of connections:
  • Flange;
  • milk screwing;
  • tri-clamp;
  • no-fitting
  • other
Connections standard:

DIN; ISO; SMS; other

Filtration accuracy:

From 0,5 um

Magnetic power:

8 000 GS – 12 000 GS

Bag filter housings with magnetic insert will be used wherever appropriate protection against electrochemical corrosion caused by the presence of metallic impurities is required. It can be used as a protective filter, allowing to increase the production capacity of the plant and reduce the costs of operation and maintenance of equipment on the technological line. This type of filters can be used in food, chemical, cosmetic, etc. industries.